Hellgreaser on Punk Rock Busters Vol.1 Sampler

cover_VariousArtists_PunkRockBusters,Vol.1_PopRockCamp“Pop Rock Camp” Records released a digital compilation called „Punk Rock Busters Vol.1 Sampler“ in cooperation with Vladek Records. It features bands like “The Spookshow”, “TurbonegrA” and “Yeti Girls”.  Hellgreaser’s songs “Julia”, “Frozen Heart” is also a part of the compilation! To download our song or the whole compilation, follow the link below.


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hellgreaser on zillo music magazine sampler 11/2013

hellgreaser on zillo music magazine sampler 11/2013

Keep your ears and eyes on the new Zillo 11/2013 music magazine. Buy or order the magazine and get free cd sampler including Hellgreaser’s song “Freddy Is Back”


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Hellgreaser new album – Bloody Moonlight Dance

Hellgreaser Album Bloody Moonlight Dance 2013

Hellgreaser Album – Bloody Moonlight Dance (2013) EAN: 4250701958711

Hellgreaser has risen from the tomb! With the first EP from 2012 Hellgreaser showed that they are created for more. The musical foundation of Hellgreaser is located in the old-school horror punk, with a hint of punk rock, gothic and death-rock. On the 5th October 2013 they released their debut album “Bloody Moonlight Dance” digitally and as CD at Vladek Records. The album contains twelve true-old school horror punk pearls.

ORDER CD NOW  or download the thrill as mp3 at Amazon  | Musikload | iTunes | Spotify | Google Play


Quoted by Hellgreaser band: “Thanx & hello to: our families and friends, all our die hard fans that bought all our records and came to our shows, Rob for driving us to the gigs, Jürgen for supporting us with marshal amplifier, the ROgers for the nice gang-vocals, Sascha for his great cd design, Paskull for the patient advice and support, everybody on Rock-Or-Die records, The Fright, The Crimson Ghosts, Blitzkid, Angelstrife, Jamey Rottencorpse and the rising Dead, Dead United, The Other, Holy Madness, Dr. Geek and the Freakshow, THEM!, promoters we’ve worked with, all our friends (we know who you are), not least all those about to horror and fucking punk – we salute you!”

01. Bloody Moonlight Dance
02. Zombie Sex
03. Mother of Them All
04. Igor
05. Freddy Is Back
06. At the Dark Graveyard
07. Black Velvet
08. Julia
09. Frozen Heart
10. Vampire Girl
11. Go Hellgreaser Go
12. Slave of the Night

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Hellgreaser on The Punk Machine Sampler

“South London Recordings” Records released a digital compilation called „The Punk Machine“ in cooperation with Vladek Records. It features bands like “R.I.F”, “The Buccaneer” and “Yeti Girls”. “Slave of the Night” is also a part of the compilation! To download our song or the whole compilation, follow one of the links below.

Amazon | DjShop

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Hellgreaser on Punk Deteriorate 2013 Sampler

“Pop Rock Camp” Records released a digital compilation called „Punk Deteriorate 2013“ in cooperation with Vladek Records. It features bands like “The Devil’s Rejects”, “Strawberry Blondes”, “Fightball” and “Schrappmesser”. “Go Hellgreaser Go” is also a part of the compilation! To download our song or the whole compilation, follow one of the links below.

Amazon, MusicLoad, Wimp

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Hellgreaser on Various Artists Of Punk Music Sampler

Various Artists - Punk MusikToday “Vladek Records” has published worldwide a second digital compilation called “Various Artists of punk music”. In addition to the many  well-known bands like “Strawberry Blondes”, “The Bullocks” and “Fightball” that are presented by ”Wolverine Records” – Hellgreser is also presented with the song “Go Hellgreaser Go”.

Feel free to listen and buy the sampler on: AmazonMusicLoadDjShop

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Sounds For The Evil – CD Sampler

In a collaboration with “Brainbuster Music” Hellgreaser and another 17 European horror punk bands like: Kitty in a Casket, Johnny Flesh and the Redneck Zombies, THEM, Dirty Danzig, Angelstrife, Tony Gorilla, Dead United and many many more great bands, have created a CD compilation called “Sounds For The Evil”.  The sampler will be published between October and November 2012. You can directly pre-order the sampler on “Brainbuster Music Shop”. It will be sent to you directly after the releasing!


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CD version of the debut album – The Humans Must Die

It was a lot of work creating this CD version, but the time has come now for you all out there! You don`t need anymore to wait! You can obtain the CD for only 5,-€ at the shows from HELLGREASER or you can –> ORDER THE CD FOR 6,66€

All songs are created by Hellgreaser Band 2012 at Rock-Or-Die studio Düsseldorf – Germany. Special thanks to: Kathi the waitress from Pitcher Düsseldorf. She sang the background vocals in the song “Frozen Heart”. Drag Strip Rodeo band from Düsseldorf, who supplied us with a Marshall Guitar amplifier. Graveyard Greaser Gang for supporting us and for keeping the horror punk alive. Thanks to all horror punk fans for buying this debut CD. Listen the thrill loud and sing along with HELLGREASER!!! (Quoted by Slaughter Lamb)

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Hellgreaser on Punk Destroy Sampler

Various Artists Punk Destroy Pop Rock Camp

Various Artists - Punk Destroy - Pop Rock Camp

The Pop Rock Camp has released today a new punk rock sampler „Punk Destroy“ with 33 various punk-style playing artists. Hellgreaser is also on that sampler with the famous band’s hymn „Go Hellgreaser Go“. You can find also songs from other punk rock bands like: Johnny Rocket , Tommy Gun or The Holy Kings.

Feel free to listen and buy the sampler on: Amazon, MusicLoad, DjShop

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Vladek Records proudly presents you its first digital publication

The horror punk mini killer album “The Humans Must Die” of the band Hellgreaser!!!

The debut ep "The Humans Must Die" EAN 4250618702223


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By Music on iTunes, Amazon, MusicLoad, Jamba, 7Digital, TradeBit


  1. Frozen Heart (00:03:26)
  2. Slave Of The Night (00:03:53)
  3. Vampire Girl (00:03:02)
  4. Go Hellgreaser Go (00:02:19)
  5. The Wolfman (00:04:50)

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